Nurturing Your Emotional Well-Being While "Social Distancing"

Mar 23, 2020 / by Shannon Cohen, CHN PCC

As you tend to your body and support your immune systems, please make sure you’re also nurturing your emotional health.  With more time at home we don’t want to underestimate the importance of taking care of our own mental and emotional well-being.   You would not be alone if during this unique time you found yourself feeling all sorts of emotions that may or may not be typical for you.   Some feel grateful for time off, others feel anxious; some find themselves impatient with family, and naturally many feel concerned.   It’s all so understandable given what we are living through right now.   Many people don’t have their jobs and commute to occupy their time and the increased family time is an adjustment.  Even my dog looked at me the other day as if to say “When are you leaving … I need my nap.”

With that being said, here are just a few things I’m doing to support my mental and emotional health:

1. Keep your Practice and Other Helpful Rituals

Regardless of what the day brings I have made a choice that I will meditate, do some sort of activity (yoga, jogging or hiking) and reading books that inspire and center me.   I’m still working but I’m also unwavering in honoring my practices right now because I see just how much it supports my well-being.

It’s very easy when we’re knocked off our typical routines to do things that may not support our mental health such as turning the TV on right away or being consumed by social media.  Naturally we went to stay current with what’s happening but perhaps be mindful of how much TV time you have and when.

In fact, on Sunday when I noticed my excessive snacking on my new gluten free snack I realized that I needed to put the snack down and make sure that  I engage in my practice(s) no matter what – not just when I “feel like it”.   Our minds can be sneaky and talk us out of things.  Don’t take NO for an answer.  We need things right now that ground us and help us maintain a clear and heart centered focus.

So, on Sunday I passed on the gluten free puff snack and took to my yoga mat instead.   We are now offering Virtual Yoga here at Alive + Well (learn more here) and it was amazing.   I felt replenished and connected to others all over the world.  I even did the full hour and didn’t wonder off!  We also have Virtual Functional Movement (click here) coming later this week.  I’ve never done it but I hear it’s awesome - and one more way to add committed movement into your day.

2. Reach Out

This time frame has revealed to me just how much we all count on, thrive on, human connection.  Despite all the social media outlets that we certainly rely on for our day to day functioning, it has become obvious that face to face exchanges (even if brief) of love, care, concern and connection are vital.  So, create a face time “tea time” or meet a friend or family member for a walk.   Just reach out in ways you might not typically to connect.

3. Take Time To Express Care and Gratitude Daily.

A virus can’t stop our expressions of love, understanding and thoughtfulness.   And if we’re really honest with ourselves, isn’t that ultimately what we all want anyway?  Love and kindness for another can help transform major challenges into a time of healing, learning and deeper awareness.    As we all know, when we shift our body chemistry into a state of love and gratitude, for even the simplest things, our immune systems are strengthened in the process.

So as you tend to your body and support your immune systems please make sure you’re also nurturing your mental and emotional health.   Personally, I don’t consider it optional.  What are the mental health practices you are implementing daily?


Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Wellness Team if you have questions about supporting your physical or emotional well-being. They are available to help both by phone and virtually. 512-580-5775 Or schedule online here.

Learn more about our general health recommendations for Coronavirus here.








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