Alive + Well: Shared Community, Shared Vision

Aug 28, 2017 / by Shannon Cohen, CHN PCC

As the opening of Alive + Well approaches, our team is getting more and more excited about the benefits our guests will experience as we bring together more health and wellness services - and a broader team of interconnected practitioners - under one roof. While each person will experience Alive + Well differently, our team shares our perspectives regarding this new wellness community to give you a peek into our vision for what’s to come.


Shannon Haas, Director of Operations Shannon Haas, Director of Operations

At the opening of Alive + Well, I’m looking forward to taking a deep breath and reveling in the fruits of our hard work.  We have had a very clear and authentic vision to provide our community with a place to nurture their mind, body and spirit.  Our opening will be about the joy of having created a space for people to come and connect with something meaningful on their personal health and wellness journeys.  I want each person to feel that joy and presence from the first moment they walk in, and beyond.


Natalie Olsen, Registered & Licensed Dietitian Natalie Olsen, Registered & Licensed Dietitian

I am most excited about the comprehensive and complete approach to wellness that Alive + Well will support - a full spectrum of health-oriented offerings that will feed not only the body, but the mind and soul, as well. Alive + Well will allow for a community feel unlike any other in the surrounding area.  I am excited to collaborate with like-minded individuals that are focused on reaching optimal wellness from the inside out.


D.J. Lorimier, Pharmacist D.J. Lorimier, Pharmacist

I look forward to being able to refer a patient to another service in-house, being able to monitor progress, and truly partnering with other providers to help that patient reach his or her goals.

The healthcare system has been traditionally designed to operate in silos, and thus communication between professionals is often lacking. We as healthcare professionals are very good at treating patients when they are right in front of us...but once they leave our doors, the healthcare system as designed often fails them in providing consistent care and communication. Patients, or clients, go from one service to another, often without much communication between those services about previous therapies rendered, procedures done and labs taken. This leads to redundancies, gaps, and ultimately, a very confused, frustrated patient.

Having a like-minded ecosystem of healthcare professionals operating in the same space, communicating openly, offers efficiencies not seen in the traditional healthcare model. It also provides an opportunity to PREVENT, rather than treat, by introducing services designed for people to be engaged in their health. The "patient centered medical home" has been shown to improve quality, decrease costs, and improve the patient experience. Through Alive + Well, we will take an "alternative" approach to this model to introduce holistic and integrated services that work to promote proactive health and wellness.


Paige Ryan, Applied Clinical Nutritionist Paige Ryan, Applied Clinical Nutritionist

Alive + Well offers guests one place to address the mind, body and spirit.  I’m excited to have all the elements I discuss with clients under one roof.  We will offer everything from organic food, to destressing via yoga, massage or acupuncture, to detoxing with the infrared saunas and IV Vitamin therapy as part of a nutrition protocol.  I’m looking forward to having a well-rounded group of like-minded practitioners at Alive + Well to address my client’s needs.

We look forward to sharing more as we get closer to our opening!