Nurturing Your Emotional Well-Being While "Social Distancing"

Mar 23, 2020 / by Shannon Cohen, CHN PCC posted in Wellness, Yoga, Functional Medicine

As you tend to your body and support your immune systems, please make sure you’re also nurturing your emotional health.  With more time at home we don’t want to underestimate the importance of taking care of our own mental and emotional well-being.   You would not be alone if during this unique time you found yourself feeling all sorts of emotions that may or may not be typical for you.   Some feel grateful for time off, others feel anxious; some find themselves impatient with family, and naturally many feel concerned.   It’s all so understandable given what we are living through right now.   Many people don’t have their jobs and commute to occupy their time and the increased family time is an adjustment.  Even my dog looked at me the other day as if to say “When are you leaving … I need my nap.”

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What We Want You To Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Mar 20, 2020 / by Michael Swail posted in Functional Medicine, Pharmacy, homepage

(revised 3/21/20)

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Is CBD Right For Me?

Feb 27, 2020 / by Meg Dwyer, ACN, CH, YTT posted in Functional Medicine, Pharmacy

“Is CBD right for me?” This is the number one question our Wellness Team hears each day.  The popularity of CBD is relatively new, so understandably, there is uncertainty about its safety and effectiveness - and how to best incorporate it into one's current wellness routine. Let us help clear the air and determine if it might be a good fit for you or someone you love. 

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Combat Cold & Flu Season with IV Vitamins

Jan 30, 2020 / by Alive + Well posted in Wellness, Flu, Functional Medicine, Holistic Therapies

Your immune system is designed to protect you from illness every day, but it can become overwhelmed during the winter cold and flu season. It can also be weakened due to environmental factors such as poor sleep, diet, and stress. There are lots of quality oral supplements that can support the immune system, but your body doesn’t fully absorb this type of supplement since they must first be processed by your digestive system. You can strengthen your immune system with an IV vitamin drip specifically designed with the vitamins, mineral and nutrients that support your immune health. 100% of the nutrients are absorbed into the body so they can work immediately at the cellular level.

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7 Tips to Curb Sugar Cravings

Jan 16, 2020 / by Allison Horan, MPH, ACN posted in Sugar, Wellness

Sweet treats can be part of a balanced diet when enjoyed in moderation. But what happens when moderation turns into frequent, out-of-control sugar binges? The truth is almost everyone gets sugar cravings, so the question becomes how to control them.

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5 Reasons To Do A Whole Body Cleanse This January

Dec 5, 2019 / by Alive + Well

The holiday season is a cherished time for family connectedness, joy, gratitude and celebration. For many of us, however, it can also trigger extra stress and overindulgence.  By the time New Year’s Day comes, we are all feeling reflective of the past year and looking forward to setting goals, shedding excess and finding deeper meaning and purpose in our lives.

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5 Supplements for Energy and Fighting Fatigue

Oct 17, 2019 / by Alive + Well posted in Wellness, Energy, supplements, Functional Medicine, Pharmacy

Are you constantly complaining of feeling tired and exhausted? Do you need an afternoon coffee to get through the day? Do you wake in the morning feeling groggy and unrested? Obviously, eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are important to maintain your natural energy levels. But sometimes these just aren't enough, especially when life feels crazy. Fortunately, there are many supplements that can help you feel energized throughout the day.

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Powerful Benefits of Putting Your Feet in the Dirt!

Oct 10, 2019 / by Sarah Leach, LaC posted in Wellness, grounding, spa

E A R T H I N G —also called Grounding— is all about energetically connecting with Mother Earth. This, of course, is amazing on a soul/spiritual level but there’s also a more scientific angle to the practice. To put it briefly, when your bare feet (where your largest pours are) or skin comes in contact with the earth, free electrons are taken up into the body.  These electrons could be referred to as nature’s biggest antioxidants and help neutralize damaging excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body. The earth has an infinite supply of free electrons, so when a person is grounded, those electrons naturally flow between the earth and the body, reducing free radicals and eliminating any static electrical charge. 

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Float Tank Therapy During Pregnancy

Sep 27, 2019 / by Alive + Well

You likely don't remember the sensation of floating in your mother’s belly, suspended in warm, amniotic fluid. But this idyllic feeling of weightlessness allows for very little stress or pressure on your growing body. Once born, we are immediately exposed to the forces of gravity, which of course is necessary to build strength and be in this world. However, the daily stress of gravity on our bodies, emotional stressors, and the constant stimulation we receive from our environment can lead to an overworked nervous system and tired, achy joints and backs. Recently I’ve discovered float tank therapy as .

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The NEW Fall Yoga Schedule is Here!

Sep 3, 2019 / by Alive + Well

Each quarter we like to update our yoga schedule to provide more times that work for the most people. With that in mind, we are excited to announce our new fall schedule! See the schedule below and click here to book your next class. As always, walk-ins are welcome.

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