Top 5 Benefits Of Hydrafacial

Jun 25, 2020 / by Emily Canis, LE posted in Skin Care, hydrafacial, spa

Hydrafacials have recently become very popular--and for good reason! This highly intelligent, patented technology goes by the mantra “3 steps, 30 minutes, best skin of your life”. We are so excited to bring this coveted facial to you at Alive + Well.

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Why Organic Skincare Matters

Jun 10, 2020 / by Emily Canis, LE posted in Skin Care, Organic Products, Facials

In a skincare market over-saturated with options and flooded with advertising dollars, it's important to understand the differences between options that could end up damaging and sensitizing your skin, versus products that will support healthy skin and longevity. Of the more than 80,000 ingredients used in personal care products, many are toxic, industrial chemicals.

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