Healing is in the Sunlight

Mar 31, 2022 / by Ashley Rogers, TND|Herbalist posted in Wellness, supplements, Functional Medicine, Pharmacy, Holistic Therapies, homepage

In recent history, we’ve been made to fear the sun. Popular outlets push to sell us sunscreens with claims that we need a barrier between our skin and UV rays - and that the sun will always cause skin cancers and should be avoided as much as possible. But to the contrary, we need sunshine. Direct, uninhibited sunshine. That’s where healing and true reparations happen! It is my hope to shine some positive light (pun intended) on why we need the sun, how to get it safely, and the scientifically backed benefits of therapeutic sunshine.

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Top 5 Supplements For Summer Health

Jun 23, 2021 / by Alive + Well posted in Wellness, Energy, supplements, Functional Medicine, Pharmacy, homepage

Summertime means cookouts, outdoor adventures and sunny days on the beach. But don't let summer fun derail your wellness goals and protocols.

Here are 5 of our favorite supplements you might consider adding to your summer routine.

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7 Factors That Affect Your Ability to Lose Weight

Jan 8, 2021 / by Layla Tavakolian posted in Wellness, Functional Medicine, Pharmacy, homepage

As a new year approaches, we are already inundated with weight loss tricks and "miracle" quick fixes to get skinny. But how do we make long lasting changes and identify the ROOT of what may be influencing our challenges - especially with fat loss.  Speaking candidly, I have danced with fat loss over the last few years and was able to successfully identify factors that influence my body's stubborn resistance to losing weight. 
Here are 7 factors that are often at the core of weight management struggles:
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What's Your Metabolic Health Score?

Dec 28, 2020 / by Michael Swail posted in Wellness, Functional Medicine, Pharmacy, homepage

Do you know your metabolic health score? If you score outside the range of these basic health status metrics, it may be time to consider some lifestyle adjustments. 

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Gut Health Supplements for the Holidays

Nov 18, 2020 / by Dana Faris RDN, LD posted in Wellness, Functional Medicine, Pharmacy, homepage

Whether you’re traveling across country or having a small celebration at home, poor gut health can put a damper on your holidays. 

In order to support you during these indulgent months, I’ve collected some of the gut health supplements that I recommend for my patients to optimize digestion and reduce the risk that gut symptoms ruin holiday fun.
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Do I Need A Health Coach?

Sep 29, 2020 / by Kellye Ojeda, FMCHC posted in Wellness, Functional Medicine, homepage

I get this question a lot.

Patient: “I think I know what to do to be healthy, but it seems like no matter what I do, I don’t feel any better in the long-run. Why do I keep failing?”

My Response: “Unfortunately, you haven't been equipped with the right kind of support.  While it certainly requires your commitment to a process, here’s what I do as a health coach that can help you live a healthier life…”


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Reducing Your Risk For Severe Illness From COVID-19

Sep 8, 2020 / by Dana Faris RDN, LD posted in Wellness, Functional Medicine, homepage

As it turns out, your current health matters a lot when it comes to how your body responds to a viral infection like COVID-19. The CDC recently reported that only 6% of all COVID-19 related deaths were caused by the virus alone, with no presence of other disease or health concerns. In 94% of deaths there has been the presence of underlying conditions (1).

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5 Benefits of Juice Cleansing

Jun 8, 2020 / by Dana Faris RDN, LD posted in Wellness, Cleanse, Pharmacy

If you’re like me, you sometimes feel your body craving change. A reset in routine, a change of pace, or just an overall desire to feel better. This is the motivational force behind an initiative to take action.

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5 Supplements Every Mom Should Be Taking

May 6, 2020 / by Samantha Thiry, FNP-C posted in Wellness, supplements, women, Functional Medicine, Pharmacy, homepage

Being a mom is no easy job. In fact, most moms would say it’s the toughest job they’ve ever had. The daily stress and pressure often means moms put their health lowest on the priority list. But a healthier mom is a happier mom... and as we all know, ain’t nobody happy if mama ain’t happy!

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What You Need to Know About The Coronavirus Antibody Test

Apr 30, 2020 / by Michael Swail posted in Wellness, antibody test, coronavirus, Functional Medicine, homepage

With over 1 million confirmed cases of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and 30 million new jobless claims in the U.S., people are growing anxious to identify solutions for how to safely reopen the economy while limiting spread of the virus. Unfortunately, there seem to be more questions than answers. The topic we get asked about frequently relates to coronavirus antibody testing. Here is our take on the subject.

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